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Suggested Reading

Below are listed some books that may help with discernment and vocation.


The City is my


Richard Carter

Canterbury Press

ISBN 9781786222138

Anglican Religious Life:

A Well Kept Secret?


Nicholas Stebbing CR


Dominican Publications

ISBN 978-1871552836

How to Find Your Vocation

John Adair

Canterbury Press

ISBN 978-1853114168

The Vows Book

Clark Berge SSF

Creatspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 978-1495378812

A Touch of God:

Eight Monastic Journeys

Maria Boulding (ed.)


ISBN 978-0281043569

New Habits:

Today's Women who Choose to Become Nuns

Isabel Losada

Hodder & Stoughton

ISBN 978-0340722381

Community and Growth

Jean Vanier

Darton, Longman & Todd

ISBN 978-0232526974

Sing a New Song:

The Christian Vocation

Timothy Radcliffe OP

Templegate Publishers

ISBN 978-0872432475

Live For a Change

Francis Dewar

Sarum College Press

ISBN 978-0852443217

Cave Refectory Road:

Monastic Rhythms for Contemporary Living

Ian Adams

Liturgical Press

ISBN 978-0814634448

Finding Sanctuary:

Monastic Steps for

Everyday Life

Christopher Jamison


ISBN 978-0753821497


Reclaiming the Landscape of our Lives

Mark Barrett

Morehouse Publishing

ISBN 978-0819222909

A New Monastic Handbook

Ian Mobsby and

Mark Berry

Canterbury Press

ISBN 978-1848254589

Living the Hours: Monastic Spirituality in Everyday Life

Anthony Grimley and Jonathan Wooding

Canterbury Press

ISBN 978-1853119712

Following Francis:

The Franciscan Way for Everyone

Susan Pitchford

Morehouse Publishing

ISBN 978-0819222350


Exploring Call

and Identity

Sister Margaret Magdalen CSMV

Grove Books Limited

ISBN 978-1851746880

What Do You Seek?

Wisdom from religious life for today's world

John-Francis Friendship

Canterbury Press 

ISBN: 9781786223456

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