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Associates are men and women from all walks of life who want to have a closer link with the life and work of an Established Religious Community.

Most Traditional Anglican Communities have Associates, and although the name may differ between Communities - Tertiaries, Oblates, Companions etc. - the general idea is the same.

Associates follow a simple rule, which is meant to be an aid (rather than a burden) to living the Christian life, and echoes the spirit of the Community.  This personal rule covers such things as prayer, attendance at Holy Communion, spiritual reading and stewardship of time and resources.  Associates share in the life of the community through prayer, retreats and personal contact with the Community.  Membership is open to anyone - men and women, married or single, lay or clergy.

To become an Associate of a Community, first contact a Sister or Brother of a particular Community and ask for details about how to become an Associate.  Communities would wish to start building up a relationship with you before considering admission as an Associate.  Some Communities have a Sister or Brother whose role is to help enquirers looking to become Associates.

More information about individual Communities Associates may be found on their websites details of which are on the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

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