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Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests from Greenbelt

ARC had a stall at Greenbelt Festival this year and asked people to put prayers on our prayer tree 

Your prayer is received and will appear on our board soon

I am John.  I pray for faith and the church to see barriers broken, new life and the understanding of Jesus to lead us all.  Amen.

I pray that Jesus will lead and take care of my grandpa.  Amen.

For reality and honesty and joy in what we do.

Lord, help those in need and help Greenbelt happen next year.  

Lord, for people coming together, for the Common Good, Thank You!

Prayer for all the lovely people here.  that their love will widen and deepen forever.  Amen.

For Elizabeth to give her energy.

For those who are exploring faith.

A wonderful Greenbelt full of friendships old and new.

For Sarah Jane

Heavenly Father, thank you for Greenbelt.   Please be with us as we have fun.

For Cody.

Holy Father, thank you for blessing me with your presence and filling me with your grace!  I feel it here at Greenbelt and feel at peace.  Please help me, open my heart more, and help me with my journey!  Help me with my path.  Amen.

For a happy and dry Greenbelt.

Edward to be happy and kind.

Dear God help people have clean water.

Dear Lord, please fix Georgia's arm.  Amen

Praise God for beauty in nature and the people!

Hope, Jesus, Love, Peace.

A prayer for all those struggling with illness and those who care for them.

Dear God, please bless everyone I love and everyone who loves me.

For healing, restoration and wholeness.

For Matthew who has broken his back and is now paralysed.

Pray for a broken and troubled world.

I pray for world peace.

Dear Lord, please bring physical and mental healing to Chloe.

we pray for all the homeless and lonely people.

Dear God, Please bless everyone with an illness or injury.  amen.

Rest and perspective please.

School - New year 7's 

Dear God thank you for all the wonderful things you have given us. Amen.

For Carys

For June and Terry 

For all the residents of Hillside Care Home

Please pray for my sister in slaw Sarah and her family in Denver USA - for stability, justice and wisdom in their court proceedings.

Thank you Lord for my education, for my teachers and support.  please help me now in the exams.

Dear God, please help all people especially the poor and homeless.

Dear Lord, please help the children.  amen.

For people to have a meaningful life.

Lord I thank you for your love and  amazing grace - for showing me your way.

For Joan B. who is recovering.

Dear God, Thank you for the world.  Amen.

I prya that everyone has a happy and safe Greenbelt!

We pray for those less fortunate than ourselves.

Help Edward make good choices.

Lord  heal George's arm.

pray for our daughter and son-in-law and their 2 children - for help and healing in their troubles.

Peace and compassion in Tibet and  around the world.

Lord Please heal Rachel and Anita.  amen.

Dear God Thank you for the activities at Greenbelt.

Dear Lord thank you for all we are given and forgive us for all we take.  amen.

Dear God help me please with my next year.

Dear God, thank you for birthdays and families.

We pray for people and animals we love who aren't with us anymore.

for my relationship with my mum.

For Daddy's job.

Dear God People I am praying for - Family in heaven; Niell overcoming addiction; Jess - eating/depression; Mum, dad.

Hope/Love > hate

Dear Lord from Georgia.

Heavenly Father, thank you for my family who have given me support and provided me with strength to go on.

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